Monday, May 2, 2011

Poop E. Doop = Stuff or Things

I just talked to my best buddy, Lizzy G, on Skype and thought I'd share one of our favorite stories with readers.

Let me preface by saying that there are plenty of things out there that Lizzy G and I find to be quite normal until we tell others ... then we realize how weird we are.  Case in point: my cat's names.  I never thought that Carlton Banks or Mustacho were out of the ordinary ... until I had to tell the vet and friends/family.  It never really occurred to me that I'd be telling people the names of my kitty babies.  Oh well.  Apparently people prefer the names Fluffy and Kitty or something equally uncreative.

Anyways, when Lizzy G and I first lived in downtown Baltimore, we were trying to think of a good wireless network name.  Suddenly, it came to us: Poop E. Doop!  Of course!  Our favorite thing to say ... how could we not make this our wireless name?  Again, we thought nothing of this, until I had to get my computer worked on for work and someone dialed in remotely ... and "Wireless Connection: Poop E. Doop" appeared on my screen.  Oops, embarrassing. 

Lizzy G and I carried on the Poop E. Doop tradition in our second apartment together, and I have the same name here living on my own.  My future sister-in-law tried to use her laptop last weekend and needed the wireless network name ... embarrassing again.  I guess it's worth the few embarrassing times, because it always cracks me up when I see my network name.  I just got a new phone this weekend and it pops up on my screen: AT&T- Poop E. Doop.  Very refreshing to see. 

So, here's the Poop E. Doop story.  And if you don't think the name Poop E. Doop is funny, then you need to step it up and get on my level.

Lizzy G and I worked for a promotional company over the summer when we were in college, and one campaign we were promoting was a mortgage company.  We basically had to get people to sign up for this sweepstakes that paid off someone's mortgage at the end of the summer, in exchange for a lot of personal information.  Anyways, we did this at a lot of the O's games, which was a blast because, if you're from Bmore, you know that O's fans like to get pretty wasted.  We had a protocol for how many of these information cards we had to fill out by the end of an evening, and normally ended up creating a few of our own to make the #s. 

One evening, after getting tired of all the John Smiths and Joe Schmoes, I decided to fill in a card for a character I created named Poop E. Doop (and if you say the name outloud, you always have to say Poop E period Doop).  Of course, Lizzy G and I thought this was so absurdly hilarious that we started using the name in everyday life (this was long before my wireless network name).  Instead of using the boring words "stuff" or "things," we would say Poop E. Doop.  Ex: "Just take that bag of Poop E. Doop to the trash" or "Would you mind getting your Poop E. Doop out of my sight?"  Hilarious.  Feel free to use the term.

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