Monday, May 16, 2011

Favorite TV Shows Part III

Happy Monday, snitches!

Quints by Surprise: adorable babies + cute parents = a fun show to watch.  Those parents are pretty awesome.  The dad looks like a neanderthal and that kinda creeps me out, but otherwise I enjoy it.

Roseanne: my #1 favorite show of all time ... this is classic and hilarious.  I prefer the earlier seasons (as I do with most shows), but all 9 seasons are amazing.  Thankfully, this is another series that is on late at night on the weekends when I come home from the bar.  Otherwise, I'd be purchasing the entire series with no regret.
Rock of Live: picture this: Bret Michaels (when he wasn't so concerned about being a dad and whatnot) and a ton of hotmess whores.  Hilarious?  Duh.  Amazing?  Of course. Holy shit, I just researched and they have the DVDs on Amazon.  This may be an early birthday present to myself
Ruby: I was just talking to my bestie Lizzy G about this today ... I really hate that I'm losing faith in Ruby, but I used to be totally in her corner.  But she recently gained a lot of the weight back, is still in love with that douchebag, and STILL doesn't think something traumatic happened to her in her childhood?!  Please.  Regardless, her show is on my list because I loved the earlier seasons.
RuPaul's Drag Race: I would occasionally watch the earlier seasons of this show, but I was hooked upon watching this past season.  Call me crazy, but I really love watching these gals dress up and get all caddy and bitch each other out.  It's great!  My favorite, as you may have guessed from my previous posts, is Alexis Mateo.

Saved by the Bell: I still watch this show in the morning occasionally, and it's still classic.  Here's my favorite clip ... but I came across this and had to share.
Saturday Night Live: I unfortunately didn't get to watch SNL much because I work at the bar on Saturdays, but VH1 has kindly started airing episodes, for which I am very grateful. 
Scrubs: I think I've seen every episode 10 or more times, but it's great!  I have such a crush on J.D. on this show and I really love the later seasons where Dr. Kelso is retired and whatnot.

True Life: The show's kinda gone downhill from all the really crazy drug episodes, but it's still pretty good.  The episode "I'm Getting Married" has this amazingggg couple that is by far my favorite.
Toddlers & Tiarras: Ugh this is AMAZING!  These spoiled (read: bratty) little girls get all dolled up to please their psycho mothers.  My four favorite episodes: one little girl who has a ginger disabled puppet baby (I can't even make this crap up); a little pageant deer slayer ("And I'll cut him in the belly.  And I'll cut him in the back and his arms off.  And I'll cut his hair off.  And I'll cut his eyes off.  And I'll cut his mouth off"); a creepy child who falls off her chair (I just watched this clip 3 times over and cracked up every time); and a child who REALLY loves her pacifier.  God, this show needs to come back on ASAP.
The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Some of my favorite food personalities tell you the best places to get food.  Most of them I'd never eat, but it's still fun to watch.

Unwrapped: I love learning about interesting stuff.  And I love food.  Put that together, and you get a lovely show about the makings of delish treats.  And Mark Summers hosts it, which just makes things even better

Watch What Happens Live: I really love that Andy fella.  And he talks about some of my favorite shows on Bravo.  Perfect combo.

(e)Xtreme Couponing: Creative with the letters, no?  This show is great, cuz it shows really crazy ladies (and a gentleman or two) who buy a ridiculous amount of groceries for really cheap (or free) using their coupons.  Entertaining, yes.  Would I ever do it myself?  Hell no.

You're Cut Off!: I love watching bratty bitches get stuff taken away from them.  However, you know that their parents are just going to let them have whatever they want as soon as the show is over.  Can their parents adopt me?

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