Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tubular Tuesday and Animal Plug

Future sisters @ the bridal shower
Well folks, I know it's been awhile since I last blogged, but I do have a good excuse!  I drove up to Boston on Friday for my future sister-in-law's bridal shower/bachelorette party and got home Sunday night.  Here is proof that I will soon have some sisters:

As I was oh so proud of myself for remembering my weekly Friday post for several weeks in a row, I would like to introduce Tubular Tuesday (and why today is so tubular) to carry on the usual Friday tradition.  Here's why today is tubular:
  • After meeting most of my future sister-in-law's family, I am happy to report that they are really awesome people and am very thankful to be joining families in a few short weeks.  I even got a date out of the deal ... who may or may not be my future sister-in-law's aunt.  Technicalities, schmecnicalities.
    Another successful craft
  • My craft for the wedding, after several attempts, turned out ok.  And yet again, I say ... BOOYAH to all the haters
  • I don't want to jinx it, because the bridal shower presents are still in my car, but at the moment, all of my brother and future sister's presents are safe and sound, despite the 9+ hour drive back to the Baltimore area.  I'm driving them down to VA later this week
  • I took PTO yesterday and pretty much vegged all day.  I slept in later than I have in years (ok, so I had to wake up to feed the kitty boys, but then I went back to sleep til noon--it was quite the accomplishment)
  • Seeing my kitty boys when I came home Sunday night made me the happiest cat mommy in the world!
  • I had some nummy Jesse Wong's for dinner last night with my mom, and it was delish.  I highly recommend the orange chicken
  • I just checked the 100+ emails that I missed while I was out Friday and Monday, and I'm pretty much caught up.  Life at CHG simply cannot go on without Cat Lady!

Now for a little animal plug:  I got an email from the agency where I adopted my kittens discussing the inhumane acts that the Baltimore County Animal Control performs on animals.  Please read about the cause and sign the petition so that they may update their policies.  I hate getting all political, but our tax dollars are supporting the killing of innocent, adoptable animals and it disgusts me.

Thanks, friends!

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