Friday, May 6, 2011


I can't believe I remembered to do this for a second Friday in a row ... maybe my memory is improving (doubtful)

Here's my Fill Up My Heart Friday list for the day:
  • I got to see my bestest friend from college, 'Mizz J' last night to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  We have a running tradition of spending May 5th together ... starting in college with $1 margarita nights (oh how I miss those!), then she came to visit me for the past 2 years.  This year I got to go down to Virginny and spent the evening with my buddy and her hilarious family.  Had the best time ever, and my face still hurts from laughing
    Sinko de Mayo
  • My coworker, 'Johnny' sent me an email with this lovely picture, with the caption "Happy Cinco de Mayo" yesterday and it cracked me up.
  • This Sunday is Mother's Day and I'm going to dinner with my parents, brother, and future sister-in-law.  Cream of crab soup, here I come!!  Oh and I'm excited to spend time with my family too :)
  • Saturday is my 4 year anniversary with my company.  I feel old, and I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking it out for 4 years already.  Go me.
  • There's a surprise birthday party for one of my really awesome customers tonight.  Hoping to make some much needed $$ and it should be a great time
  • I took time off yesterday, and it was pretty great.  Everyone should take a random PTO day, I completely support them
Have a great weekend, kittens!

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