Thursday, May 12, 2011

Favorite TV Shows Part II

F (continued)~
The Flintstones!  Ugh my favorite show everrrr!  How could I forget this amazing show?  My favorite episodes are the "movies" for Christmas, but the show is also the shiz.
Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Obviously I love this show ... I named my cat after one of the characters.  It's just a funny, funny show and I have loved it since I was a little kid (and yes, I still watch it)

Grey's Anatomy: Already talked about it, but I still like it.
Gilmore Girls: I'm not ashamed to admit that I really love this show.  It's completely stupid and can get a little annoying with the constant talka talka talka talka but it's still entertaining.  I watch it at 5 on Fox Family every day.  Don't judge.
The Golden Girls: Betty White has always been one of my favorite actresses, but the rest of the gals are awesome too.  I have watched this show since I was in kindergarten (perhaps a little too young to be watching that whore Blanche) and my friends in school used to quiz me by showing 5 seconds of an episode and having me explain the whole episode in detail.  Pathetic?  No, just one of my many hidden talents.

Home Improvement: Yes, I secretly had a crush on Tim the Toolman Taylor when I was a kid.  JTT grossed me out cuz he was like a foot tall.

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant: I don't necessarily love this show, it actually freaks me out. However, I do love the idiots on the show that show all the signs of pregnancy and STILL have to 'pee it out' in the toilet and are just so shocked that they're having a child.  Hilarious.  Please view this lovely clip to better understand. 
I Love New York: Now this was classic.  Just pure classic.  New York was (and likely still is) my favorite hotmess ever.  I wish I could just watch her daily life.  Or really, I wish that her daily life was a reality dating show and I could watch that on the daily.

Jersey Shore: Duh!  Jersey Shore (seasons 1 and 3; 2 kinda sucked but obviously I still watched and enjoyed) is just freaking hilarious.  Those characters are amazing and I love analyzing them.  I'm not going to go into detail with my obsession, because that'll just be annoying, but I'd like to point out that the Situation wasn't getting a lot of ladies this season ... does anyone else think he had an STI?
Jerseylicious: I'm gonna leave it to my buddy Jessie Green at And I Can't Help But Wonder ... to describe this show, because her passion may have perhaps surpassed mine (if only for this one show)
Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best: A new-ish show on WE, about Joan Rivers and her family.  That lady is sassy and wonderful, if not a little frail looking, which is a bit concerning.  I love Joan Rivers.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Yes, I'll admit it, I love this family.  They're a bunch of crazies, but it's very entertaining.  I hate Kim and her baby voice (actually, I hate all of the baby voices), but Rob is a good lookin fella, and they all have entertaining antics.  Sure, their family dynamics are likely all for the camera, but I'm fine with that.
King of the Hill: I used to watch this show a lot with one of my college roommates.  It's pretty brilliant and I should probably start watching it again.
Kathy Griffin My Life on the D-List: I love every single thing about Kathy Griffin and all of her shows ... standup comedy shows, her reality series, etc etc etc.  She also has a really great book that I highly highly recommend (I have it if anyone wants to borrow).  I like that Kathy Griffin is hilarious and has such a spunky on point perspective on comedy, but I also really love that she will talk about her personal life too.  Love love love her.  Kathy, your tickets for your live show shouldn't be so expensive.

Ok, I was going to try to act like I really loved some show like Laguna Beach so that I can complete this list, but I really don't like the show.  The end.

Maury: Sometimes I like to watch Maury in the morning if I don't have a lot of work calls.  I, of course, love all of the "Who's the Baby Daddy?!?!" episodes, but Maury has more to offer.  I recently watched the cutest episode ever with cuddly animals (like baby cheetahs and lions) and I always love watching the "My Kid is 800lbs and I Just Don't Get Why!" shows.  Classic tv.
My Strange Addiction: ILOVETHISSHOW!!!!  My favorite episode is DaveCat and his sex doll (why the hell is that his name?  Not a clue) because it's just freaky and wonderful.  So anyways, the show highlights people's strange addictions (shocking, I know) and you can get a good glimpse into the lives of these freaks.  Other favorites include a lady addicted to puppets (yes, puppets) and a girl who eats couch cushions. 
Mama's Family: I used to watch this show with my dad a lot and I probably need to buy the series because it is hilarious. Basically about an old lady and her hick family and all the stupid things they do.
My Big Redneck Wedding: Rednecks.  Getting Married.  Hilarious.  My friend Chelsea Handler will explain.

The Nanny: I used to watch this a lot when I was younger, and recently got back into it (mainly because it is on TV Land in the wee hours of the night when I get home from working at the bar).  If you can get past the annoying voice, it's a really cute show.

The Office:  Duh.

The Price is Right (only when Bob Barker was the host): I watched this when I was in kindergarten, eating my hammich before the bus.  Sadly, this is one of my most vivid memories as a tot.  Apparently my parents sat me in front of the tv a lot.  Anyway, Bob was great and I loved when he was starting to get way too old to be on the show.  And when he had the scandal about hookin up with one of the models.  And I loved when the really excited ghetto ladies would come on the stage and Bob would try to deal with them.  Hilarious.
Planet Earth: It was a HUGE deal when this show came out (and really, no wonder, it's amazing) ... It's soooo interesting and pretty gosh darn fantastic to watch.  And now, people are motivated to create hilarious parody voiceovers of this show (ok, this isn't from Planet Earth, but it's my favorite clip in the series.  Honeybadger don't care, honeybadger doesn't give a shit)
Pawn Stars: Vegas is a pretty great place, but I unfortunately have yet to visit the pawn shop featured in this show.  Picture this: rare, really cool antiquey things that come into the shop to get appraised and sold, a special guy named Chum, and a really old man named (appropriately so) Old Man.  There are two other fellas too that are great, but Chum and Old Man stole the show.


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I'm kinda of surprised "Little House on the Prairie: wasn't under the "L" section :)

Must Love Cats (Less Than Me) said...

Erin was the one who liked the show, I favor the books ... the show is completely inaccurate and makes me a bit angry :)

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