Friday, May 27, 2011

Rumpshakin Friday

Woohoo! Friday!  The Friday before a long weekend!  T-riffic!

Here's what fills my heart up on this lovely, lovely Friday:
  • I made a kickass dinner last night (chicken cordon bleu and rice) and it may actually encourage me to quit eating out and cook a little more often
  • Sunbathing kitties
  • New neighbor boys have moved into my complex and they like to play sports minus shirts outside my window.  Doesn't motivate me to hit the gym, but it does motivate me to sit on my couch, eat ice cream, and watch
  • Any weather that makes my kitties do this REALLY fills my heart up
  • No work on Monday ... which means that I can actually have two full days (and nights) of no work, no responsibilities, and nothing to do.  Makes working at the bar this weekend a-ok in my book!
  • And now, for your viewing (and listening) pleasure ... a few early 90s tasty treats 

And a little bit of this ....

How's about a little bit o this?

Well, kittens!  This concludes my Friday posting.  Thoughts about continuing to grace you with the presence of my favorite hit tunes every Friday?  Too bad, I'm doing it anyway.

Have a fantastic weekend and let's remember the reason that we all have off on Monday and why we have the freedom to be you n me ... hugeeee big ups to all the servicemembers who died for our freedom!

--Cat Lady

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