Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Favorite TV Shows Part I

Well, I made a little list of all my favorite TV shows of all time and decided to discuss them in depth.  Because I have nothing better to do, and obviously you don't have anything better to do but read:

7th Heaven: That's right, I'm enough of a woman to start off my favorite TV show list with something this cheesy.  And I'm not afraid to admit that I LOVED this show.  And even worse, I was really upset when Fox Family stopped airing it about a year ago.  What terrible acting and what a cheesy, cheesy concept, but it was good quality crap

(That's) Amore!: An amazing sequel to the Shot of Love series with a cutie Italian who was seeking an American lover.  The girls weren't that memorable, but I enjoyed the typical MTV/VH1 "reality" dating plotline.  And the guy on the show was a cutie.

Bethenny Ever After: Again, pretty cheesy, but it's a cute show and Bethenny cracks me up. No, I am not inspired by her work ethic or whatever, I just think it's a cute show.
Best Week Ever: No, I don't really watch the news, but I did love watching this show on VH1 to get updated on my weekly news.  It's basically like the Soup with a bunch of different people commenting on events rather than just Joel and it's on my level in terms of funny.  VH1 better get this show back on the air.
Bridezillas: What an amazing cast of characters.  These bitches are crazy and I love it!  I think it's a requirement for these girls to think they're hotties and be drop dead FUGLY.  Same goes for their weddings.  All of them are ugly.  Ugly girls, ugly personalities, ugly weddings ... and I love it.  This bitch is one of my favorites and this one is pretty great too.

Charm School: A big ol group of hotmess gals from some of the VH1 reality dating shows that attempt to learn to behave.  CLASSIC!!  These girls are hilarious and I reallllly love watching them all together
Cake Boss: I have a huge crush on Buddy from this show and he is just so great at making cakes and hanging out with his really annoying family, and it's just wonderful
Charm City Cakes: Yes, this is a much better cake show.  Because Duff is awesome and it's it Bmore.  Big ups to Bmore.
Chappelle's Show: Who doesn't love this show?  There are like a million quotes from this show, but two of my favorites are piss on you and fuck yo couch

Dinosaurs: Do you remember this show? Ugh, I used to love it!  I used to watch it in the morning with my dad before school and both of us thought it was the best thing since sliced bread
Daisy of Love: Yes, I will absolutely mention all of my favorite reality dating shows, and this one is pretty fantastic.  All the guys looked like adolescent punksters ... literally no one was attractive, and I really loved seeing how cracked out that Daisy character was
Dad Camp: Picture this ... deadbeat baby daddies, hormonal preggo women, and a bunch of challenges to "make the daddies better" ... drama, fighting, bitchy women, immature men ... terrific.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Ok, I know how cheesy this is.  However, this really tugs at my heart strings and I am known to cry when I watch.  The only thing I dislike about the show is that they pull these families who don't have enough $$ to pay for groceries and then ... Poof!  Take off of work for a week!  Poof! Now you're expected to pay double, triple, or more on your energy bill.  Great.  Anyway, if I don't think about that, I really do love the show and it's great to see communities coming out and helping a family in need and whatnot.

Flava of Love: ugh what an AMAZING show!  Seeing that gross man (who also happens to be wonderful) slobber all over those girls ... hilarious.  And the girl who pooped during the elimination ceremony?  Get outta here, that's truly amazing, classic tv.  Flav, I would really appreciate it if you were to have another show.
Four Weddings: I love any show about weddings, but this one is pretty great. Picture this: 4 women go to each other weddings and judge them.  I especially like the episodes in NY or NJ because they usually are a little more caddy and that's always entertaining for me.  Of course it's pretty predictable, as they usually have one super conservative broad and then another crazy hippy, which always results in some shock and caddy comments.  It's great!

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