Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Hate PA.

After a rather tiring business trip up to Boston, I pondered something that I often think about while walking through the BWI airport ... the folks who frequent this airport are some of the most unfortunate looking people I have ever come across.  Not to say that Baltimorons are particularly unfortunate looking, I actually consider the Baltimore-Metro area to be full of attractive Joes and Jills.  However, the folks who are in the BWI airport often provide me with some great people-watching and grossout moments.

Here's the ratio that I like to use in terms of all things wonderful/beautiful/successful/intelligent/amazing:
Baltimorons (and Marylanders in general) are alllll the wayyyy up hereeeeee

Other states are down here ...

and PA is alllll the wayyyyyy down hereeeee.

In case you haven't already noticed, I hate PA.  I hate it so much it gives me chills.  The people, their driving, their appearance, their manners, their intelligence (or lack there of), and specifically their stupid ass football team ... piss me off.  A lot.  So thusly, I'm going to blame all of the "beauties" at the BWI airport on PA. 

Now, I have frequented a pretty decent amount of airports due to my career, either as a layover hub, or as a destination.  I'd say the best people watching/ugliest people encountered occurred in Pioria, IL.  In general, those people are poor unfortunate souls.  Very nice people, but holy 1992.

Back to my hatred for PA: I've really pissed off (non-Marylanders) about my distaste/disgust for Pennsyltucky.  If you lived close to PA, you'd understand.  I have friends in VA, and lots of coworkers in MA who just don't get it.  And they wouldn't, unless they were really close to PA and had to suffer through seeing/hearing these disgusting people on a regular basis.  My biggest disgust?  When someone with a PA license plate, driving all messed up on MY highway has a Raven's or an O's sticker on their car.  Get the eff outta here!  Go back to PA, support your stupid team, enjoy your reduced housing taxes, and shut the hell up.

Go Ravens!  Go O's!  Go Bmore!  Go Maryland!  PA sucks.

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