Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Have ADD, Doctors Cannot Confirm

Tomorrow starts a very lengthy (but fun, hopefully!) weekend.  I'll be driving up to Boston from the Baltimore-Metro area for my future sister-in-law's bridal shower/bachelorette party weekend.  The drive is about 8 hours each way, and I leave early tomorrow morning to start my journey.

There are several items to consider in terms of how I will entertain myself during two 8 hour drives.  As someone who has undiagnosed ADD, I must assure that I can both entertain and still concentrate on the road.  It's a dangerous balance that I am willing to attempt to keep.  Here are some ideas:

1) Book on tape (one may call it an "audio book"): I've never used this tool before, as I normally like to actually read books (I'm worried that I'll get distracted and won't actually pay attention).  Do the voices change according to character?  Or is it one monotone voice?  There was a book available at the public library about something ghetto ... are the voices age and situation appropriate, or is some old white man always the narrator?  I'll be heading to the library today to investigate.
2) Calling everyone I know: This will likely not be an option, for two primary reasons: a) I just got a new cell and have like 5 numbers, and b) I just googled "state cell phone laws" and all 6 of the states I'm passing through have hands-free laws.  I have a bluetooth, but I hate it.  Poop.
3) Listening to the radio: Yes, I'm oldschool and don't have an "i" anything and won't be listening to music via modern day technology.
4) Mooning passers-by: I cannot promise that this will or will not happen.
5) Judging passers-by: Something I do in everyday life, how could I not do it during the drive?
6) Attempting to act like I know how to read a map: Cross that off the list, I really can't.  Thank you google maps.

Conclusion?  I'm going to be REALLY bored.  Please post encouraging words via my phone, email, facebook, and/or blog.  They will all be appreciated and necessary, especially by hour 6 or 7.  Or hour 1 or 2 on Sunday when I'm driving my hungover ass home.

Love, love, love!

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