Friday, May 13, 2011


Happy Friday the 13th, all!  Here's hoping that no one has an unlucky day ...

Here's what is great about today:
  • I finally got the guts to ask my boss if I could get a bigger raise at the end of June (I'm already slated for one, but it's smaller than what I think I deserve) ... she completely supports the idea and is going to push for it.  Yay $$!
  • I booked my facial for this Sunday (I've had a livingsocial credit for about 6 months).  Can't wait to relax!
  • I found a later flight to take up to Boston for a business trip on Tuesday(normally I go up at 6am, found one for 9 instead) and that will make for a MUCH better day (and thus, a much less cranky Cat Lady)
  • Although the sun isn't out today and it's looking a little gloomy out, the weather has been gorgeous lately and I'm all about it
  • Carlton and Mustacho are the cutest babies ever.  Here's proof:

Weekend = almost here!

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