Monday, May 9, 2011

I Really Love TV

Happy Monday, readers!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a fun-filled Mother's Day.  I got to spend the evening at dinner with my parents, brother, and future sister-in-law and had a great time. 

My brother and future sister-in-law came over to my place before dinner, and my brother and I went down the usual list of "are you watching ...?" and "did you see ... last week?" and I realized yet again how very much I love tv.

I have on numerous occasions made a "TV list" outlining when I need to sit my fatass on the couch and watch the important shows.  Below is a list of a few of my current favorites:
  • Mob Wives: I didn't watch this week's episode, but who wouldn't love a show highlighting the illegal lifestyles of 4 crazy bitches?  It's amazing.  This show has quite a few of my requirements for good quality tv: drama, bitches, fighting in some form (verbal is good, but physical is more entertaining), and people who in general make me feel better about my own life
  • Sister Wives: what an amazing concept!  I genuinely like the family on this show (for those idiots out there who haven't had the opportunity to watch this fantastic show, it's about a polygamist family with one husband and 4 wives and their millions of kids) and I really feel for them when they talk about the stress that they're having due to the illegalities of their lifestyle.  The kids are pretty well rounded and as long as the kids aren't all messed up from it, who the hell cares how these people live their life?  Good for them for coming out with their lifestyle, despite the consequences.  And more importantly, thank you for providing entertaining tv on a Sunday evening.
  • Strange Sex: title is pretty much self expanatory: it's about strange sex conditions or circumstances for a bunch of people.  It's great!  Trannies?  Check.  Gals who hurt when they have sex?  Check.  A 36 year old virgin?  Check.  It's great!  Again, this show makes me feel better about my own self.  Another important quality for tv: I love watching shows that are about science or psychology (with a twist of drama and/or 'make me feel good about myself' quality)
  • That brings me to another favorite ... Intervention: this show has single-handedly taught me all of the different types of drugs that my customers at the bar are on.  I now know the difference between heroin, coke, and meth addicts!  Thanks, Intervention.  This show just tugs on my heart strings.  I truly want all of the addicts to get better and realize how to cope with their disease.  In the process, I also enjoy watching their hotmess behavior before they get better.
  • Teen Mom: ok, let me premise by saying that these girls are all IDIOTS and I personally would like to teach sex ed to all dumbass girls who don't know what birth control is.  Really?  This show has been on for several years and there are still girls on the show who think they "can't" get preggo or don't know what a condom is.  Hello!  Anyway, this brings out my love for all things science, psychology, drama, bitches, fighting (both verbal and physical), and people who make me feel better about my own life. What a terrific combination!  And I truly do feel for some of these dumbasses, despite my wish to not care.
  • Real Housewives of ...: I love them all.  Miami was pretty lame, but every other version of this show has been wonderful.  Drama, drama, drama!  Idiots, idiots, idiots!  I really love everything about it!  Ugh, sometimes I just want to reach through the tv screen and strangle these girls.  But then, I wouldn't be able to watch them, so I don't.
  • The Soup: there are a few reasons why I love this show ... a) it outlines all of the hilarious shows that either I missed or I want to see again, and b) the host is a hilarious hottie.  Yea, I said it.
Of course there are the obvious shows such as The Office and Grey's Anatomy that I also love.  Grey's was really annoying for awhile, but I'm back into the groove of it because that twerp Meredith isn't as stupid and annoying.  The Office is hilarious always and forever and I'm really depressed that Michael Scott is gone :(

I bet I could make an A-Z list of my favorite shows ... maybe I'll make that a task for later.

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