Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I was thrown back into the college lifestyle this weekend, and it was pretty innerestin.

I hung out with some friends from my college, who happened to be some of the fraternity boys that I used to party with.  I only saw one of the guys once or twice since graduation, so when I was surrounded by a few fraternity boys, I instantly was getting flashbacks from college life, circa 2004-2008.

Let's premise this discussion by explaining the type of gal I was in college.  I was a pretty active partier, specifically my first two years of college.  I loved my sorority (note: still do), went to fraternity parties (note: fraternity, not frat ... as the boys would say, you don't call your country a cunt, so don't call a fraternity a frat), hated studying, crammed for finals and wrote papers last minute, and generally was having a pretty kickass time.

Anyways, hanging out with these boys threw me right back into the college mindset ... with the liver and hesitation of an old lady.  These boys were cool with getting day drunk (and if you've read my post about day drunk, you'll know that I'm not usually a fan), sitting around playing drinking games, and generally being a bunch of pooping, burping, silly fraternity boys.  Only stipulation is that they are now in their mid-twenties with careers, but they didn't care, so I did what any self-respecting sorority girl would do: I chugged my wine along with them.

Going back in time for a bit and acting like I can still party like a college kid reminded me of some hilarious theories that I'm sure hold true to a lot of guys and gals:
  • Hookin Up: there's a double standard when it comes to gettin down, and I have discussed it with a lot of friends and it seems to rein true for many.  With guys, it's fine to bring a gal back to your room and do the nasty with your roommate there.  In fact, you are THE MAN if you bring a gal back.  High fives and ass smacking all around.  Or whatever frat(ernity) boys do to reward one another.  Girls, on the other hand, are different.  Now, let's assume that this is for girls who have respect and love for one another.  I do know young ladies who do not adhere to this policy, but they are likely not the classiest in the world.  Anyway, the average (classy-ish) female would never allow a boy to come back to her room to get it on with her roommate there.  No high fives and the like, normally just tears I'd assume.  Rather, classy girls prefer to wake up their innocent roommates to go into full detail of what occurred in the boy's dorm with HIS roommate awake.  Of course none of this is from personal experience or anything.  But if it were, sorry Miz J.
  • Things That Are No Biggie Seem Like a Biggie: I guess this is true to anyone who needs a little growing up ... at the time, you're thinking that something is THE BIGGEST THING EVER and then when you look back on it, you're like oh really?  No biggie!  Example: the guys and I were going down the list of who we dated, hung out with, etc. and it just cracked me up thinking about how important I thought those relationships were and now I barely remember why we hung out.  Funny allowing myself to look back on those moments.  Even more entertaining to hear where those people are now and why I'm oh so happy to be far, far away from them!
  • It's All About Perspective: The fraternity boys and I had a lot of "no way! I thought it happened this way ..." moments when we were discussing funny moments from college.  Lots of drinking and quite a few years will confuse one's mind a bit
  • Gays, Just Come Out Already!!: We of course had to go down the list of who finalllyyyy came out, and who just needs to hurry up with it already.  None of which are surprising, all of which are frustrating that they just couldn't come out earlier.  However, it's all about timing and I get that some may need a little more time than others.  I do have a mental list of those who I can be friends with as soon as they finally admit it to themselves and just prance out of the closet already.
  • Random Items/Activities Entertain: In college, the smallest things were absolutely entertaining.  Perhaps it was due to the booze frequently involved.  Perhaps we were just bored.  Regardless, there was so many times that I'd look around at my amused friends and realize that we were complete idiots.  Examples of items that really entertained us include a whoopie cushion (which we used in the bathroom, in the hall, at parties ... all until it died from too much use), a homemade boardgame, a ripped up hoodie, outdoor lounge chairs ... the list goes on.
  • You Are Not That Hot: Ladies, did you ever have that moment when you're dancing at the fraternity party (to Journey, no doubt) thinking to yourself "self, I am HOT!" and then you go to the bathroom and see that your hair is all matted, your makeup is dripping, and your lazy eye is out?  Ok, maybe you didn't, but that means you need to get on my level.  Or rather, on my level between the years of 2004-08.  My left eye was the single determinant that it was time to get home immediately.  I have a bit of a lazy eye, which happens to come out when I'm tired and/or drunk.  It got to the point that when friends would see the lazy eye, they'd send me home.
  • And now, the most important item on my random list of college theories ... Breakfast potatoes: the breakfast potatoes at my undergrad were far and beyond the best food on the planet.  Literally, those things were the make and break of deciding if it was worth the trek across campus for Sunday brunch.  I miss them.  A lot.
    In general, it was fun taking a jump back into time and thinking about how much fun college really was.  So, in conclusion, while I am so happy that I'm not in college anymore, I had a pretty kickass time when I was there.  Big ups to LC!

    And now, for your viewing pleasure, a few of my favorite pics from college.  Unfortunately/fortunately for present-time Cat Lady, my sorority didn't allow for really vulgar pics to be posted on facebook:
    Hard to explain, but it's basically a
    flashback from freshman year
    By far my favorite pic of me and my friend Mal ... this is exactly what we looked like after a night of partying.
    My bestest roommate and friend, Miz J. 
    And yes, I am in 80s gear.  That costume won me a
    full night on the beer pong table 
    Apparently I liked to hit people with bags of bread.  No biggie.
    Typical drinking game

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