Friday, June 3, 2011


Let's talk about what I'm lovin today:

  • I was on a biz trip for 2 days and coming home to Moosey and Carl was pretty amazing
  • It's beautifullll out today!  And not nearly so hot!
  • The National Spelling Bee was on last night ... my favorite two, Dhivya and Pranav, didn't win, but they did a kickass job
  • I had sushi last night (sorry Mrs. Lauren C!!) and it was delish
  • It's almost the weekend!!  No specific plans, just hoping to rest and make lots of moolah at the bizzar
And now for your listening/viewing pleasure, one of my favorite songs (and videos) of all time ever. I was (and kinda still am) desperate to learn how to play this on piano, woulda been pretty rad.  Anyways, just one song today cuz you should seriously actually listen to it.  Amazing!!

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