Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review: Devil's Playground

What a freakin disappointment.  Not only did the movie pretty much suck, but I already knew all the content in it before I got through the first 10 minutes.

First of all, let me premise by saying that this night had potential for being one of my BDsOL (Best Days of Life), as I had many factors on my side: Chinese food, wine, a movie about the Amish, and watching it with my bestest pal.  I had an amazing time, but the movie was pretty terrible. TV Guide rated it 2 stars ... I give it 1.5.

So basically, the movie had potential.  I wanted to love it.  However, the footage was really jumpy, from one topic to the next.  And the kids that they showed were just weird.  One fella is a methy who is selling meth; another chick is just super depressed.  I wanted to see more Amish girls wasted in their little dresses and bonnets.  I did, however, see a LOT of Amish kids on rollerblades.  Which I liked a LOT.

Conclusion?  If the documentary were longer and could really dig further into the stories of the kids and interview them more, then it would have potential to be a lot better.  Give me more Amish rollerskaters, and my rating would soar.  Secondary conclusion: I will always love the Amish.  And I will be purchasing the book about this to see if it's better written.  NatGeo, I want more Amish documentaries!!!  Or, MTV can have a True Life: I'm Amish.  Swooon!

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