Thursday, June 16, 2011

Carlton and Mustacho Are Loved (A Lot)

I feel like I haven't blogged about the famous Carlton and Mustacho in a bit, so this post is going to be their claim to fame.

As previously mentioned, I was gone all last weekend (I left Friday morning and returned Sunday evening) for the wedding, which thusly left kitty boys all alone.  Unfortunately, the bride and groom refuse to acknowledge their nephews and didn't want them to be flower kitty boys or ring pawers. 

Normally when I travel, I have my mom take care of the boys, but obviously I couldn't do that for her son's wedding weekend.  My buddy Mrs. Lauren C's mom to the rescue!  Grandmommy H came over on Thursday to learn the inner workings of feeding my cats.  She was a bit overwhelmed by the process (I had a 3 page document outlining how to care for them), but she took her job as catsitter very seriously.

I was a lot less worried with having Grandmommy H take care of the boys, because she seemed to understand the need to follow directions and wasn't like my mother, who likes to modify as she sees fit.  I know this makes me sound extra crazy, but the boys have a serious routine going on, and they don't like it to change.  Andddd, they've been doing the same thing for 2+ years now, so why change it?  But I digress.

After I finally got home from the wedding weekend, I was greeted with this amazing letter from the boy's new grandmommy (well, actually, it was from the boys ... written by their new grandmommy):

How adorable is that?!?!  I know that this letter is just encouraging my Cat Lady persona, but anyone who loves my boyboys is a-ok in my book.  Shout out to Grandmommy H!

The prrrrfect present
I told my mom (the boy's original Grandmommy) about what a great job Grandmommy H did and how much she loved them. Jealousy quickly reared its ugly head, and my mother went into a tangent about how she was the boy's only grandma-ma (that's seriously what she wants her grandchildren, human or beast, to call her) and that no one loves them more than their original grandmother.  I decided that I'll be purchasing this for both Grandmommy H and Grandma-ma for Grandparent's Day (September 11th, mark your calendars).

Sooo there you have it, ladies and gents.  We now know where I get my Cat Lady tendencies.  And you now know that I am surrounded by crazy.

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