Friday, April 29, 2011


My friend, 'Jessie Green' (previously mentioned in my post about the dreaded possums) at And I Can't Help But Wonder has this great idea of jotting down what she loves on Wednesdays.  Well, it's Friday, so I can't have a What I Love Wednesday, but I can have a Fills My Heart Up Friday ... how's that?  Let's be honest, I won't remember to do this weekly, but it is a pretty good boost after a rather crappy week.

So, today, here's what fills my heart up:
  • My friends have been super dooper amazingly supportive this past week and I really love them for it
  • Cherry Zero Coke.  Haven't tried it yet?  Go to the store now
  • Busiest weekend of the year at the bar is upon us yet again ... which means (fingers crossed) extra tip $$ in my pocket
  • I'm getting a coconut snowball with marshmallow topping today at Snoasis.  Yummy!
  • I'm about to sneak off and take a little 30 minute nappy between jobs
  • And of course, I can't forget the reason why Cat Lady is a crazy cat lady ... my boyboys, Mustacho and Carlton.  No specific reason, I just really love them
Have a good weekend, kittens!  If you're in my neck of the woods and want to see a lot of drunk hotmess yuppies, come stop by the bar.

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Can't Help but Wonder said...

You're so amazing! I love the "Fill My heart Up" Friday. Sorry to hear you had a not-so-great week. I hope you have a good weekend!!

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