Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bubba

Siblings in Vegas
Today, readers, is a special day ... it's my big brother's bday.  When I was a little kid, I used to call him Bubba, because he was big like a football player.  That's kinda mean now that I think of it, but I figured that if football players can be called Bubba, then gosh darn it, my big brother can be a Bubba too!  Note, I was also a fatty as a kid, so I guess it wasn't as mean as it sounds now.  The name evolved into Bubs, because he used to have one of those really ugly early 90's football jackets and said he looked like a bubble.  Thus, Bubba is now Bubs or Bubby, and I still call him that to this day. 

My fav pic of my bro
I don't have many pictures from our childhood, but I do have a few around the house of my bro that I really really love.  This is my favorite picture of my brother and our granddaddy, Puppy.  Please note that oddities run in the family, as Puppy was wearing two watches and likely an extra pair of pants.  Yes, perhaps he had the excuse of having Alzheimer's and I have none, but still ...  

My bro and I didn't always get along really well when we were kids cuz he was a suckup smartie and I wasn't so into that.  However, now that we're big kids, I can acknowledge that he's the best brudder ever.  So, dear brother, even though you'll never see this blog (God willing), Happy Birthday from your favorite (and only) sister.

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