Friday, April 22, 2011

"Today ... Ain't Yo Day"

Hello kittens!

Not everyday can be the best day of my life ... yesterday certainly wasn't the worst day of my life, but it wasn't all peaches and cream either.

The day started like any other ... cue to about 6:00 when I decided to do some laundry.  In my apartment, the laundry room is right next to my apartment so I can really quickly bop on over there and do my loads.  After moving the laundry over to the dryer, I walked back to my apartment ... and oh lookie here ... the door is locked!

I started to panic.  I was wearing sweats about 3 sizes too big, no makeup, greasy hair, and a big ol bag of quarters in my pocket.  Thank goodness I was wearing a bra and shoes.  What to do, what to do?  I concluded that I'd see if the leasing office was still open so that they could let me back in, so I hiked up my sweats, and went a walkin.  Just a note about my apartment complex: it stretches over quite a lot of land, on both sides of a really busy road.  So here I am, walking around in baggy sweats (weighed down with quarters) at 7 at night, trying to cross said busy road.  Quite the sight to see, I'm quite sure of it.  Thankfully, no one asked if I was "going their way" or any other such disgusting comments.  PS, I was wearing a sorority tshirt that happens to say "caution: contents hot" on the back.  Likely not the most appropriate shirt wear while trying to remain inconspicuous.

Leasing office was closed, so I had to walk the additional 1/4 a mile or so (sweats starting to hang lower and lower) to the closest location where a payphone might be.  (side note: I honestly didn't think many payphones still existed in our fair county, but I am very thankful that they do)  I tried to ignore the fact that hobos used that very payphone and the sheer amount of germs that lurked on said payphone and called up my mommy to come save me.

As I was walking home, trying to keep my head held high, I decided this would be appropriate blog material.  My pain is your gain, readers.

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