Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, as I've said before, BDsOL (Best Days of Life) don't always have to be these remarkably amazing, crazy days.  BDOL #3 happened just a few weeks ago.  First of all, let me premise: this was probably my first day off from working at the bar in almost 6 months, so that was already pretty amazing and definitely a contender for BDOL right there.

I decided that it was time for some of my bar friends to mesh with my "real life" friends, so I invited a few of them to hang out at a local bar.  This local bar is not normally a place that I like to frequent because I know wayyy too many people who go there, and the whole "bar scene" isn't exactly my favorite thing in the world.  Regardless, it was close by, and thank GOD we decided to go there because ... it was the location of the BDOL.

I went out to dinner with Mr. and Mrs. C and had a lovely time.  After dinner, we met up at a bar with 4 of my customers from my bar: Pumpkin, his gf (let's call her 'Squash'), Boy (the young man previously mentioned in my "Dear Bargirl ..." post), and Boy's new fling.  This was already a pretty great combination, as I heard rumors (and witnessed a bit of it at my own establishment) that this new fling (we'll call her 'Girl') liked to get into a lot of bar fights.  We all knew about this in advance, so we just decided to pull up a chair and watch.

The night started off a bit slow, but I was just genuinely happy to spend time with Mr. and Mrs. C, Pumpkin, Squash, and Boy.  And to be off of work ... that was great.  As we found a place to plant ourselves and watch the drama unfold, we noticed quite the inneresting couple dancing.  I am dating a foreigner, so don't take this the wrong way, but these people just screamed FOREIGN!!  The outfits were gorgeous ... she was wearing a red pleather skirt and jacket combo, with a brighter red pleather stripper heels, and a Where's Waldo red/white stripped shirt.  Hot!  He was wearing some typical foreigner shirt with some pointy dress shoes.  Anyways, as they were dancing (thank goodness, right in front of us), we noticed that she had a veryyy revealing slit up the back of her skirt, which revealed that she was wearing a very noticable garterbelt.  Now, I'm all about naughties in the bedroom, but I don't really care to see yours when you and your boyfriend are getting freaky on the dancefloor.  Just a note.

These people could have entertained me for DAYS (no joke, they were amazing).  What with their synchronized dance moves and their ever more revealing outfits, I was hypnotized.  I started trying to dance closer to them so that I could show these foreigners what a REAL dancer looks like (I kid, I am possibly the worst dancer ever).  As she did some high kicks and spins, I did the same.  I was her dancing puppet and I was all about it.  Other people at the bar started to notice what a terrific source of entertainment these foreigners were, as well as my enthusiasm for their skillz, so many people approached me to watch together.

Additional characters on the dance floor included a girl who split her pants right down the crack of her jeans and continued dancing (to which I say good for her, because I would have been embarassed and ran away.  Not this gal, and I have a lot of praise for anyone like that.  Additionally, I'm very thankfully she was wearing full-butt panties and not otherwise because that would have been a scene); a SUPERGAY that I kept trying to dance with and steal as my own (but his hag wasn't about to give him up, ughhh); and a fella who takes dancing at this bar super seriously (he's a regular, comes every weekend to liven up the crowd apparently).  Of course there were other sights and sounds to distract me and really liven up my evening.

Boy's girlfriend, Girl, of course was also causing quite the scene in her own right.  Some classic quotes from Girl:
  • To me: "I thought I was the most intimidating girl I've met until I met you!" (I wonder who introduced herself to herself)
  • After I put on my coat and started to leave the bar "RED?!  I have never seen you in red.  I always see you in blue and purple and black!  Why do you have a red coat?!" (note: I had only seen her twice before this, so I'm not so sure why red was so shocking)
  • To anyone she was talking to: "Look at me in my EYES!  I need EYE CONTACT!  In my EYES!!"
I'd estimate that she got herself into a confrontation every 20-30 minutes that evening.  I was fortunate enough to witness these confrontations from afar each time, and was very entertained.  My favorite confrontation was when my boyfriend met up with the group, shook hands with or hugged all my friends, and then Girl started getting up in his face for talking to people in our group.  And she thought I was intimidating before?  Snitch, please.  However, I did behave myself.

Boy and Girl both crave attention more than anyone I've ever met.  It's interesting to see them together because it's constantly the battle of attention.  He'd dance with the group or with one of us, she'd walk right up to be a big group of guys and start talking to them (looking at Boy the whole time).  Boy would talk to me or one of the other girls, she'd stomp away all pissed off.  Boy would start a dance-off (yes, with my foreigner couple and others), she'd start pouting in the corner.  Pathetic for them, entertaining for me.

Anyway, all in all, it was a pretty entertaining night.  You know it's a great time when your face literally aches from laughing so much. 

GOD I'm so happy to be done with BDOL stories ... it was a good idea at the time, but I honestly should have stopped at the Pirate Cruise.  You should probably re-read that post (see: This is the Best Day of My Life! Part 1) cuz it's way better.


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