Friday, April 8, 2011

This is the Best Day of My Life! Part 1

I believe that I've uttered the phrase "this is the best day of my life!" hundreds of times, and some of these times may not actually have been the best days of my life.  Sometimes I say it sarcastically, or if I'm just having a decent day, it's fun to say.  However, I really have to admit that three of the best days of my life have occurred in the past year.  What a lucky duck, you must be thinking.  And yes, a lucky duck I am.

These are my best pirate friends
The first of these days involved the briefly previously noted Pirate Cruise.  If you live in or around the Baltimore area (or really, anywhere ... this is worth a planetrip) you need to check this out.  I went with a few friends last summer, and we were prepared for a fun event: we wore these sweet pirate masks (also worn for Mrs. Lauren C's bachelorette party) that can be purchased at Party City if you want to be cool like us.  
Sweet tat

Picture this: the most beautiful city in the world (and I truely believe this, I'm not kidding.  Big ups to Bmore!!), best friends, a pirate ship, and lots of booze.  Additionally, they dress you up in what the pirate cruise people think looks like pirate clothing, but we thought it looked a lot more like Walmart/Kmart employees.  Nonetheless, they also gave you cool tats and scarves to either be placed around your head (like a normal pirate would do), or wrapped around your neck like a gay pirate.

Possibly the best part of the pirate cruise (other than being able to pretend to be a pirate) was the fact that this wasn't just your average pirate cruise ... it was a pirate BOOZE CRUISE.  What a wonderful combination: pirates AND booze?!  Perfect.  Pirate games (such as singalongs, limboing, and dance contests) were rewarded with shots of booze.  SHOTS OF BOOZE?!  If I did shots or weren't a bitch baby, I'd be all about that.  However, I still enjoyed the wine and beer we brought. 

Mrs. Lauren C shooting the Navy
The cruise takes you around the harbor for about 90 minutes.  You get to play games, bond with your fellow pirate lovers, and get pretty schwasted.  Towards the end of the cruise we were surprised with yet another amazing aspect of the tour ... we got to shoot water "cannons" at a poor fellow in a boat AND at fellow Baltimorons.  AMAZING!!  The Portuguese Navy happened to be resting in the Baltimore harbor and saw 50 drunk American "pirates," wasted out of their minds, spraying water from fake cannons.  All of a sudden, these navy folks started pointing and staring, taking pictures, and shouting.  I like to think that this was not only the best night of my life, but also the best night of theirs.  You're welcome, Portuguese Navy! 

End of pirate cruise

Needless to say, this was absolutely the best night of my life.  Judge me if you wish, but in my opinion an evening really can't get any better.  Anything that leaves me looking like this is worthy of the top three best nights of my life.

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