Monday, April 11, 2011

BDOL (Best Day of Life) Part 2

I should have discussed the pirate cruise last, because my other "best days of my life" are pretty tame in comparison.  And I don't have any cool pictures.  Sorry, those who only read via pics.

I was discussing my blog with two of my best buddies this weekend, and was trying to have them guess what Part 2 of the trilogy of best days ever would be.  Side note: they refuse to call it my blog, but rather my blob.  Hints that I gave them include:
  • persons present included Mr. and Mrs. C, Lizzy G, and myself
  • semi-stolen beer was involved
  • a pizza was delivered
  • Mrs. Lauren C kept shouting "this is the best day of my life!!" and Mr. C would say "the wedding was the best day of my life, this is #2!"
  • this event occurred last summer
They still didn't remember it, so I had to tell them: Part 2 of the 3-part series of the best days of my life is ... a day at the pool.  Yes, a very simple day, but it was amazing.  I was upset that they hadn't remembered this event, but perhaps the stolen beer has something to do with it.

Have you ever decided on a whim (and I am not a "on a whim" kind of person) to get drunk at a stranger's pool?  Well, I have.  OK, so it wasn't just a stranger, it was Mrs. Lauren C's aunt's house (I met her twice, so really we are pretty good buds now), and they just so happened to be gone for the weekend and we just so happened to decide to take advantage of the situation.

Mrs. Lauren C and Mr. C showed up with a new drink I had never heard of: Orange Drank.  I asked Mrs. Lauren C to share the recipe with readers, so here is her response:
1 bottle of Verdi
A couple random wine cooler/Smirnoff Ice type dranks
Like 10 shots of Clementine flavored vodka
Some regular vodka
Some sprite
Some orange juice

I think?? Haha, it is very exact!!

If you patent Orange Drank and become famous, please at least include Mrs. Lauren C as your inspiration.

We all started drinking the Orange Drank pretty quickly as we were playing around in the pool, and realized that we'd need additional "dranks" quite soon.  Mrs. Lauren C happened to have a key to the house, so we snuck in and grabbed the small random stash of beer hidden in the basement.  This whole sneaking move made me feel like I was 16 trying to hide beer from my parents.  What a rush.  24 going on 16!

Anyway, the day progressed and we were all pretty wasted at some point.  Day drunk, at the time, is amazing.  I love day drunk ... at the time.  You'll all wide awake and drunk and swimming and having a great time.  But then 8:00 hits and you're hungover.  And realizing that you shouldn't have been swimming.

I can't really explain why this was the best day of my life, other than the sheer fact that it was just an easy day with my best friends, and we were acting like idiots together, which is always fun.  I think the simplicity of the day is why it was one of the best days of my life.  And the fact that wasted-faced me kept shouting "THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFEEEEE!!!!!!"

At some point in the late afternoon, we started to get cold from lack of sun and way too drunk to be swimming without a lifeguard on duty, so we decided to go home.  My last memory of the evening involves attempting to climb onto the side of a huge dumpster (Mrs. Lauren C's aunt was moving and trashing some of her stuff) and falling flat on my back.  Not the most embarassing thing I've ever done, but a great way to bring me back to the reality that all best days of life must come to an end.

Perhaps this is a lesson to you, readers: not every best day of your life has to involve pirates and the Portuguese Navy.  Maybe you just need a little booze in the pool, some Papa John's pizza, and some awesome friends.

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