Friday, July 8, 2011


Happy Friday!  I am in the personal opinion that all work weeks should consist of 4 days and we should always have off on Mondays.  Who do I contact about that?

Here's what fills my heart up today:
  • I get to play with my favorite niece, Pearl, this weekend because her parents (Mr. and Mrs. Lauren C) are at the beach. That little midget kitty is too cute!
    • Side note: this weekend is gonna be boring without Mr. and Mrs. Lauren C!
  • I read Steve-O's book this week, and it's actually pretty well written.  He's lived a really crazyyy life.  I'd recommend it!! ... uhh the book, not the lifestyle
  • The cutest kitties in the world, of course!
  • It's a work from the couch kinda day, which means having some trash tv on in the background while I get my work done.  Love it!
And now, the song of the week ... I heard this on the radio and it cracked me up (and sadly, I do know a lot of the words).  Enjoy!

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