Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm Baaaack

Whooops, I did it again!  I'm back, and I'll attempt to post more regular entries.  Cuz ya know, I have like 2 fans and you two need to know about my life (when we aren't texting, talking, and/or G-chatting about it).

Let's see, what has been going on since I last gabbed?  Hmm ... well, I have a new roommate.  Work has been pretty slow.  And I joined a new gym.  Yes, yes, I know I was just waiting for my last membership to end after a year even though I only went 5 or so times in total.  This one is different!  I pay a lot less, no contracts, and I have a roommate to force me out of my sweats and into the gym. 

What else?  Hmm ... no psychic updates.  However, she did say that I'll be meeting "the one" in April or May.  Thus the gym membership.  Cuz ya know, I figure my soulmate doesn't like em as chunk as I am.  But my soulmate will get used to it ... once I'm comfortable with him or I get bored of hitting the gym.  Whichever happens first.

Kitty boys are wonderful as always.  The new old roommate (we lived together for 2 years, now she's crashing on my couch for a few months) was living with me when we got the cats as bebes but hadn't seen them in 15 months while she was abroad teaching English.  The second she opened the door to greet them, they both instantly knew who she was.  Cutest thing ever.  Carlton is still obsessed with her and demands constant attention.  I was worried that my boys wouldn't want to sleep with me with her here (sleeping under their favorite blanket), but both of them still know who their mama is.  Good thing!

In other news, this dick is making my people (Catholics, Marylanders) look terrible.  God loves gays, he created em.  Idiot priest.  I'm so sad for this woman and am so glad that this has become a big deal in the media.  I know that the Catholic church is lacking those willing and able to become priests, but that sucker should get banished. 

Rant over!  In conclusion to my very random, very late post, please check out and donate to this very worthy cause.  My great great grandlil in my sorority (sorry for those non-Greeks, I'm sure that makes no sense) is shaving her head (2 months before walking the stage for graduation!) for St. Baldrick's Foundation, a charity supporting childhood cancer research.  I am beyond proud and humbled by Parna's willingness to shave her head, and to get the message out.  Check it out!


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