Monday, March 19, 2012

Man, I'm Popular!

Ok, please note that the title of this blog is said with much sarcasm ... but surriously, I felt pretty darn popular this weekend!!

I went to go visit a friend's new townhouse (still in construction, but we got to check out what it will look like by piecing together two model homes and where it'll be built) in Eldersburg (a gorgeous, scenic 35 minute drive or so away from me).  After checking out the townhouse stuff, I went to lunch with the girls--and was asked to be a bridesmaid for one girl's wedding next March!  My buddy, Squash, was there as well, and I was already asked to be her bridesmaid for her wedding in October.  Popular much?

We got to chatting about wedding details for both weddings (of course, as it is my obsession) ... I told the girls that I basically have my wedding all planned out, I just need to insert a groom.  So, grooms, come a knockin on my door!  I'm popular!

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