Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Happy Birthday to my amazing, handsome, sweet, loving, fantastic, funny, smart, terrific kitty babies Mustacho and Carlton Banks!  Ugh I can't believe they're THREE already!!  Time flies when you're in love ...

I remember when they were just itty bitty babies.  They were just too stinkin cute!  Now I only occasionally see a little glimmer of baby in their faces, which kind of breaks my heart a little.  However, they are now very handsome adults, and I feel exceptionally blessed to have them in my life.

Carlton ... and no that
isn't a wiener, it's his tail.

Unfortunately, I don't get to spend my boy's birthday at home with them as I'd like.  I'm up in the corp office actually getting some work done.  Oh the life of a single mother!

Anyways, there's my little shout-out to the loves of my life.  Happy Birthday, Moosey and Cal!

XOXO, Cat Lady

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