Friday, December 16, 2011


Happy Friday, ya'll!  I'm all geared up for a busy day/night ... for some reason I thought it would be brilliant to have most of my stress-packed, busy, important meetings on Fridays.  Specifically one at 9am and one at 2pm (with many between).  Stupid me.

Anywaysss, there are other reasons for an extra busy day/night ... tonight is the annual pot luck Christmas party at my bar.  Always a blast, always full of my favorite drunks.  In prep for the bar party, I also need to do a little cooking.  Per one of my favorite customer's request (featured in my Dear Bargirl ... post), I will be making deviled eggs, as well as cornbread and mac and cheese. 

Unfortunately, I got a little drunk last night at karaoke (a hilarious experience, and no I did not sing) and decided to take a drunken trip to Walmart to get some groceries (read: snacks).  The random items in my cart included: vinegar, buttermilk, 2 frozen dinners, Cool Ranch Doritos, ice cream, and 2 doughnuts that I insisted on punching holes in to assure that they had cream in the middle ... Unfortunately, I forgot the eggs that I desperately needed for said deviled eggs, mac and cheese, and cornbread.  Oops.  So, I'll be taking a little trip to the local store to get some eggs.  Which, side note, I like to call eggels.

Tonight should be a blast, so if you're in the middle of nowhere, Baltimore County, please stop by for some fun!

Here's a little listy of what fills my heart up today:
  • Kitcats, obviously.
  • My bonus came in yesterday (2 weeks early, woohoo!), so I can finally buy the last of my Christmas presents
  • I have some PTO coming up, which makes me super dooper happy.  No huge plans, just a lot of relaxation and getting random stuff done around the house
  • The holiday "get together" (read: drunkfest) up in my corp office is next week ... looking forward to seeing my work buddies and getting some work done up there
  • I went to a new psychic a few days ago and she was spot on ... very insightful and gave me a different view on a few things.  If you haven't checked out a psychic before, I highly recommend it
I'm off to finish up some meetings, get some eggs, and cook before heading into one of the jolliest drunkfests of the year


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I hope you have fun at the bar tonight!!!

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