Friday, December 9, 2011


Happy Friday, Ya'll!  Gonna try to keep it short and sweet cuz I have a busy day with both jobs ...  here's what I'm oh so thankful for today:
  • Mustacho, who is currently sitting on my lap (and keeping me warm!) and Carlton who is drinking from his water bowl super loud--they are the cutest little critters ever
  • I finally turned on the heat a few days ago and it feels marvelous!!  Ugh, heat, I love you.  Gas and electric bill, I don't wanna talk about it.
  • After a lot of stress, hard work, and a few tears ... my client should be ready for a re-training after last week's fiasco.  Thanks for the support, ya'll!
  • Last night, I got to have dinner and go bowling with some of my very favorite people, Pumpkin/Squash and Mr. and Mrs. Lauren C.  My head and tummy are not too excited about working this morning, but I had a blast.  My apologies to the 6 people left in the bowling ally by the end of the night who had to witness a) my singing and dancing to PYT, b) my little fall while trying to bowl (those allies really are slick!!), and c) my loud mouth screaming about how terrific (read: horrible) I am at bowling.  Basically, I had a blast.  The end.
  • I have most of my Christmas shopping complete, as well as about 3/4 of my Christmas cards written.  Just have to find some dough to be able to complete the shopping list and we're golden ...
  • I have 11 (yes, 11!!!) PTO days left until the end of the year ... unfortunately, I don't have a career where I can easily pull off taking 11 of the next 14 working days off, but I do plan to take a few days here and there.  Yesterday, for example, I took off 3 hours to nap, shop, and generally relax.  I plan to be doing a lot more of that cuz it was divine.
Happy Friday to one and all!

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