Friday, September 30, 2011


Happy Friday!  My baby Carlton is having a rough day today, so please send good thoughts his way.  He has a patch of fur missing on his little arm and I'm trying to decide if it's something that needs a trip to the vet.  The boys have never been apart before (ever!) so I'm worried about the stress that going to the vet would cause them, but we shall see. 

Here's what fills my heart up today:
  • Had dinner last night with my amazing friend, Squash, and of course had a blast.  We were talking about her wedding plans, and doing the general gossip.  She was pretty devastated that our favorite restaurant didn't have cucumber margaritas AND queso, but it was still a delish meal
  • Rumor has it, my big bro and his wifey are coming to town this weekend.  Hoping to be able to see them and catch up
  • I applied to my dream job a few days ago ... I doubt that I am qualified enough for it, but it is sooo perfect for me.  Fingers crossed!
  • I know I say this every single day (a million times over), but these kitten babies are just terrific.  Love them way too much!
Have a great weekend!

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