Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blang Nail

Nails ... and Carlton
So, since I haven't blogged about much of anything recently, I have decided to admit to my friends, the readers, that I attempted to follow a trend.  Failed semi-miserably, due to my lack of abilities, but I'll show it anyways.  Hard to see, as I took these pics (to show a friend) last night, but I decided to try out the whole 'only switch up the color on one finger' trend in nail polish. 

Close-up of the
'blang blang' ... and
Are there really nail polish trends?  Sure, cuz I said so.  Anyways, I started off with Essie's "Over the Edge" (ie: dark grey/blue) and decided to spice it up with a little "Carnival" (ie: super amazing silver sparkle) on my ring fingers.  The result?  A little tacky, a little amazing.  Likely not work-appropriate, but let's be honest ... that's what makes me cool.  I've only been in the office for 30 minutes and I've already gotten 3 people to notice.  My new parting line about the topic is "well that's all the blang I'll have on my ring finger for a loooong time, so I think it's justified" (insert the thought "shove it"). 

I went a little nutso at the local Ulta store last night, and bought a few more colors to check out.  I may turn this into a regular thing, so please excuse my horrible cuticles, inability to properly paint with my left hand, and artistic inabilities.  I'm just excited that I finally have nails that I haven't chewed off.

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