Thursday, August 4, 2011

On a Lighter Note ...

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some much-needed girl time this week, and I thought I'd blog about how awesome my friends are!

Monday night, I went out on my monthly (or so) date of getting Mexican food with one of my best girlfriends from the bar, Squash.  I love hanging out with her, because we are totally on each other's level.  We love gossipping about hot messes, venting about just about anything, and (most importantly) share a love for queso and margaritas!

Tuesday night, I went to my favorite sushi joint with Mrs. Lauren C.  We must be so judged when we go there, because, rather than being healthy and getting all kinds of tasty raw seafood with yummy fresh veggis, we opt for anything fried, combined with cream cheese, and coated with some type of thick sauce.  Trust the two of us to find something decent for you and make it all kinds of terrible.

Last night, I got to hang out with my sorority sister and amazing friend at And I Can't Help but Wonder ... and her fantastic fiancee.  I love seeing the two of them ... it's so great talking about the past and being able to still share our experiences in the present together.  I also love talking about her upcoming wedding, because we all know I'm a freak for stuff like that!

All in all, a lot of stuff has been going on in my personal life, but with friends like these, who can really have room to complain?!  At least I'm finally getting out of the house (even if it means gaining a few extra inches in exchange!) and having a great time. 

Love, love, love!
-Cat Lady

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