Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake Shmerthquake

Man oh man, I know that everyone on the east coast is likely talking about this earthquake that hit yesterday ... but I'll quickly put in my two cents.

So I had no idea that it was an 5.9 earthquake until I logged onto thefacebook.  I work from home, remember?  I didn't have a ton of coworkers flipping out about everything shaking.  I honestly thought that it was just some really annoying neighbors or the construction going on down the street.  I knew stuff was shaking, but I kinda just ignored it and continued working.  Duh, self. 

And I quote from a conversation I was g-chatting my friend: "whoa the weirdest thing happened ... my apartment was shaking like an earthquake lol"

Cue to a few minutes later ... "oh man it really was an earthquake."

Smart, Catlady, reallll smart.  In my defense, I'm from Maryland ...we don't experience such acts of nature.  We never learned that the ground shaking is indeed an earthquake, not annoying neighbors.  That's my excuse and I'm stickin to it!

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