Friday, November 18, 2011


Well, it's that time of year again, folks ... Fakesgiving!  I started a tradition last year with some of my good friends to host a Fakesgiving dinner about a week before Thanksgiving.  Last night marked the second Fakesgiving dinner and it was quite the production.  Invitees included Mr. and Mrs. Lauren C; Pumpkin and Squash; two neighbors (whom we went to high school with as well); and Mrs. Lauren C's cousin and his girlfriend who are turning into some of my favorite people--mostly because her cousin's gf (we'll call her R) laughs at everything I say, and honestly, I really like that in a person.

The week started off innocently enough.  Mrs. Lauren C and I went grocery shopping together (and I got the deal of all deals on my turkey--spend $75 and you get 66% off a birdie!  What a bargain!).  Unfortunately, my work threw a little wrench into the plan and I had to go up to Boston for a day trip on Wednesday.  By a day trip, I mean a 6am flight up and what was supposed to be a 6:30pm flight back--which was bumped a bit later due to storms.  Anyways, I got home around 10:30ish and did a bit of cooking.  Ya know, because it's normal to bake cornbread at 11 at night!

My biggest concern was making sure that Hank, our 25lb turkey (named, of course after the turkey in my new favorite show New Girl) would be able to thaw out in time.  As you may or may not know, I have two very bad kitty boys who like to eat everything and anything.  Leaving my friend Hank in the sink to thaw overnight was not an option.  So, I chose the most reasonable location to place Hank ... the tub.  And honestly, it worked out perfectly and Hank was freakin delicious.  Good thing no one ever reads this blog, or PETA would be on my ass like white on bread.  Don't worry folks, I was a vegetarian (or, as I liked to phrase it ... carbatarian) for 7 years.  And now, I am making up for lost time by eating copious amounts of Hank.

Yesterday started off very early by preparing my buddy Mrs. Lauren C's disgusting sauerkraut, which I cook low and slow all day.  That smell is one of my least favorites, but since Mrs. Lauren C happens to be one of my very favorites, I allow it. 

I baked and cooked most of the day, in between a few work-related calls, emails, meetings, etc.  How dare work get in the way of my Fakesgiving feast?!  Almost all of the cooking was done by the time my buddies started arriving.

The meal was a hit, even if it was served a full hour post-schedule.  Thanks to all of my buddies for attending, and sorry to kitten boys for locking you up in my bedroom for 6 straight hours.  Happy Fakesgiving!

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