Monday, November 7, 2011

Catlady's Steps to Gettin Paid ... BLAM.

The above is the new title to my proposed book (copyright pending).  A coworker was telling me that he wasn't getting paid for all the work he was doing on a side job ... which sparked the idea to create a book to empower nice guys.

I basically initiated this idea by telling my beloved nice guy coworker to follow the simple guideline to his biznass model: WWCD (What Would Catlady Do) ... and honestly, What Catlady Would Do is kick some tush!!

The dedication to the book that I've created is as follows: To all the nice boys out there who need kep kickin asses and takin names ... especially my buddy (name removed for privacy).  I also plan to insert a statement in there regarding my lack of biznass savvy, business degree, or moneys in the bank.  As my dear friend Mizz J says, what I lack in business savvy, I make up for in business sassy!

Chapter One: What did the five fingers say to the face?  SMACK!

The rest of the book obviously is a work in progress, but I plan on making millions on this.  You might want to go ahead and reserve your copy now.

In other news, Carlton ate a chunk of tomato yesterday while I was cooking homemade tomato orzo soup.  Today he ate a carrot while I was reheating said soup.  Carlton is a jerk.

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