Friday, January 27, 2012


Happy Friday, ya'll!

Before I go into what I'm thankful for today, I'd like to describe my dinner from last evening ... I was having a bit of a rough day at work and some stuff going on in mah personal life, so I decided that a cocktail would do me good.  The only wine I had in the house had been sitting on my counter (opened) for weeks.  I am stupid enough to give that baby a little slug and immediately regretted that decision.  Why oh why can't I just open a bottle of wine and drink the entire thing so that it doesn't go bad?!  (answer, you have self, and that led to the second part of this story)

Anyways, still in search of something refreshing, I took a peak into the ol fridge.  Oh look self, Natty Boh!  The kind of shitty Baltimore beers!  I cracked one of those suckers open, threw some of my prized few remaining crab meltaways (a time-honored Maryland appe-teaser involving a lot of cheese, Old Bay seasoning, worsheshire sauce, and jumbo lump crabmeat atop an English muffin quarter and broiled to melt said cheese) into the toaster oven, and waited for a lovely evening of relaxation.

Beer and crab meltaways =
tasty MD treat

Close-up of crab meltaway ... yum.

So, as I sat down to enjoy my treats, I noticed that the beer was pretty gross.  No shocker there: a) it's Natty Boh, which is basically like fermented rain water mixed with gross chemicals, and b) I hate beer.  A lot.  No worries, chug chug chug.  Ok, so this beer was really tasting funky.  Maybe it's expired?  Oh look at that, it is.  By over a full month.  Classy.

Cue to later in the evening, and why a bottle of wine was involved in my not-so-distant past.  I may or may not have had a few cocktails and then a bottle of wine at a boy's house on Sunday (after our horrible horrible loss ... still love you, Ravens) and may or may not have gotten into a huge fight with said boy.  Details schmetails.  He had it coming, but I said some really awful things that I felt pretty rotten about.  So, I sucked it up and sent an apology text to him.  Cuz ya know, that's the most endearing and heart felt way of saying "sorry I likely made you, a grown ass man, cry yourself to sleep"

Conclusion?  The crab meltaways def made me feel better about life.  The expired beer, however, did not.  I need to purchase some wine, ASAP.

Here's what fills my heart up today:
  • Crab meltaways.  Seriously good.
  • My dad is going to be moving my old couch out of here this weekend to donate (finally!  it's been since NOVEMBER that I've been trying to get him to do it!) so I can finally move stuff the other couches around the living room and make it less jam-packed
  • Kitty boys, of course
  • Pinterest is such a welcomed distraction ... I love it way too much
My girl Mizz J started a new blog, so go check her out and please don't realize too quickly that she's wayyyyy more cool and funny than I am (you'll realize it eventually, but at least pretend that I'm still cool and funny)

Have a good weekend, kittens!

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